Conference Keynote


Brian P. Schmidt AC FAA FRS
Vice-Chancellor ANU
Nobel Prize in Physics 2011

Catch the wind – human perception and disease classification.

Richard Berlin
University of Illinois, USA

Systems response to severe trauma.

Russell Gruen
Australian National University, Australia

Mapping and modelling the autonomic nervous system for cardiorespiratory physiology

Peter Hunter
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Models for patient deterioration in the hands of real humans

Imogen Mitchell
Australian National University, Australia

Standardised patients – Everything that’s wrong about this phrase

Debra Nestel
Monash University, Australia

Immune response in patients undergoing cardiac surgery: The need for a multi-scale modeling approach

Peter Sloot
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Technical Physician: A new medical profession in the Netherlands

Lex van Loon
University of Twente, The Netherlands

The iClassroom; a new way to teach using technology

Hans van Oostrom
University of Florida, USA